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Quick-freezing equip

The manufacturer supplies shrimp quick freezing machine

The manufacturer supplies shrimp quick freezing machine

Details : Working temperature: normal temperature to - 150 ℃, can be set arbitrarily

Power: 380V, 50Hz, 3KW (excluding heating);

External dimension of the equipment is determined by the size and specification of the equipment;

The main body of the equipment, including box, door and heat insulation layer, is made of SUS304 stainless steel;

The introduction of HACCP health and safety concept, all stainless steel internal structure and enclosure structure fully consider the convenience of cleaning, maintenance, management, easy to operate, can fully meet the requirements of food for equipment health and safety.

Reasonable access door and access for maintenance and internal cleaning

Food grade stainless steel mesh belt, chain drive mechanism, high strength chain, sprocket, not easy to wear, long life, good elasticity, high strength. Imported variable frequency speed regulation, quick freezing time can be adjusted continuously according to different items, to adapt to the processing of a variety of items.

The net belt mechanism adopts the expansion structure adjustment and automatic repair device to prevent the net belt from deviation and relaxation, improve the running stability of the net belt and prolong the service life.

The bottom is inclined at a certain angle, the height can be adjusted, and the opening and closing drainage device is set to facilitate the drainage of the system and keep the equipment clean.

It adopts fully enclosed structure, and the inlet and outlet end are equipped with air field pressure balance device, which can prevent the leakage of cold air and has obvious energy-saving effect.

With new automatic process curve, the product temperature can be displayed in real time, and the change of product temperature can be controlled at any time

The quick freezing low noise axial flow fan has the advantages of short return air distance, fast freezing speed and 85% higher efficiency than ordinary freezing method,

The unique wind field design makes the wind speed and temperature in the quick freezing area more uniform and stable, reduces the resistance loss of the air duct to the air flow, reduces the fan power, and reduces the consumption of the cooling capacity.

The system adopts the control mode of touch screen + PLC, with touch screen or computer as the upper computer and PLC as the lower computer, which makes the operation and input of quick freezing process more convenient, and can monitor the temperature change in the quick freezing box in real time, observe the process operation, and compare the set curve with the operation curve.

An alarm device is set to give an alarm when the box door is not closed properly

The system has two sets of functions, manual and automatic, which can be reflected in the touch screen. It is easy to operate and reliable. The high and low temperature control of the two systems adopt PID regulation, so that the accuracy of the equipment can meet the requirements of the bidding document.

Operating system - all Chinese operating system; Input the quick freezing process in advance, and no one will operate it after startup. The system will automatically cool down, keep warm, and get out of the box according to the process curve;

Equipment capacity: 300-5000 kg / h


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