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Quick-freezing equip

Quick freezer

Quick freezer

Details : Brief introduction of liquid nitrogen air cooled tunnel freezer:

Equipment material: internal and external 2mmsus304 stainless steel, integral stainless steel square tube frame

Power distribution specification: 380V / 50Hz

Working temperature: - 20 ~ - 120 ℃

Temperature control accuracy: ± 1℃

Cooling rate: 1-50 ℃ / min

Equipment insulation: 160mm thick, double insulation, excellent insulation performance.

Food conveying: SUS304 food special conveyor belt, speed and tightness can be adjusted automatically.

Liquid nitrogen control: Germany imported solenoid valve and manual stop valve joint control to ensure adequate safety.

Air cooling cycle: high power fan with reinforced axial fan, cooling speed is fast and uniform, with double air locking function at both ends, effectively reducing air leakage.

Electrical control: man machine interface + PLC + module programmable control, simple input, intuitive and reliable control, with temperature monitoring and alarm function, electrical lock, to ensure the safety of equipment and process operation

Equipment maintenance: with drainage outlet at the bottom of the body, long life and low consumables design, easy replacement of vulnerable parts, good maintainability.

This equipment is suitable for the industrial production mode of large quantity, continuity, less people and large area. It can be combined with other food lines to form an automatic production line.

Advantages of liquid nitrogen freezer:

1. Fast speed and good effect

Due to the variety, size and thickness of food, the quick freezing time is generally within 3 ~ 20 minutes;

2. Safety and environmental protection:

Adopting safe and environmental protection quick freezing medium and method, the operation is simple and there is no hidden danger;

3. Easy to clean, low maintenance cost:

Convenient cleaning to every corner; The failure rate of parts is very low, which greatly reduces the maintenance cost;

4. To provide one-stop supporting services and overall solutions:

To provide supporting liquid nitrogen suppliers, frozen liquid, food packaging, quick freezing, thawing, cooking one-stop

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