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Thawing equipment

Net belt defrosting equipment

Net belt defrosting equipment

Details :

1. The whole machine of defrosting line is made of food grade stainless steel (except motor components), which is easy to clean and meets the relevant provisions of food hygiene in China.

2. In order to ensure the uniform temperature of the thawing tank, the circulating pump is used to circulate the cold water in the tank.

3. In order to ensure that the thawed products are clean, a cold water spray is set in the middle of the thawing net belt to ensure that the water quality in the thawing tank is clean. A storage tank is added outside the thawing tank, so that the impurities brought into the thawing tank during the thawing process can be recycled in the outer tank for enough time to precipitate, so as to reduce the number of times of cleaning the thawing tank.

4. This machine adopts three crystal frequency converter to adjust the step speed of conveyor belt with high accuracy.

5. Both sides of the chain of the whole machine are equipped with protective devices to prevent frozen products from being involved by the chain and causing product damage.

6. The low end of the machine is equipped with anchor, the height of which can be adjusted to keep the equipment level with the ground.

7. The conveyor chain plate of the thawing line is equipped with an integral chain lifting device. The conveyor net belt can be lifted as a whole, which is convenient for customers to clean up. The lifting mode adopts the overall chain lifting design, and the electrical appliances are also equipped with lifting upper limit and lower limit control to ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

8. The cleaning and drainage of equipment is convenient and thorough, which can reduce the dead angle of cleaning.

9. In order to ensure the internal sanitation and cleaning convenience of the tank, the internal support of the tank adopts high-strength square tube to realize seamless welding without leaving sanitary dead angle;

10. The equipment has automatic water supply function.


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